Impressive Jewelry Photography For Impulse Shopping

Bracelets and similar jewelry are luxury products. Many purchases are made by impulse rather than for a particular occasion. These kinds of sales are made because a customer makes the choice, not because there is a necessity for the product.

In e-commerce, it is very important to implement quality jewelry photography because a sale or a rejection is only a click away.

Sending the right message in any business is important to success, especially in the jewelry field. Because photography of bracelets, rings, pendants, necklaces and similar items is much more difficult than many other staged items, it can be easy to have images that do not present the products in their best light.

The saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” is true of good pictures. People selling products in magazines and online sometimes settle for photographs that are not worthy of much conversation at all. If people aren’t talking about the jewelry, they certainly aren’t going to be buying it.

If you want the best photographs for jewelry, don’t use just any photographer because there are some who specialize in this kind of work. If you plan to take your own pictures, be prepared for a challenge.

If you have experience in digital photography and photo retouching, you can make excellent reproductions with some practice and dedication. Keep in mind that bracelets must have high clarity to look appealing, but cannot have so much contrast that they appear surreal. You should try to achieve a picture that is as near the original item as possible, with the addition of some sparkle.

Any photograph you make should be closely compared to the subject of the photo for not only detail, but variance in hue also. As you know, slight inconsistencies in lighting can cast shadows and cause colors to appear untrue.

Some corrections can be made with brightness and contrast within photo correcting software, but proper lighting during the shoot is imperative.

When you view your photographs on the computer, keep in mind that the photograph will not always look the same when printed. Any comparisons made between the original and a picture can only be made with a hard copy. This should be printed from the same machine that will produce any photographs that are to be placed in circulation.

If the photographs are to be viewed online instead of in magazines or fliers, then your only way of matching a bracelet to an image is through your computer monitor. You have no control over settings of other people’s viewing equipment, so you can only make sure that the images you see are realistic and well lit.

When viewing any digital photograph for publication, have it sized as it will be uploaded to a website. When you first take the picture, it is very large and it has to be decreased in size to meet allowable limits for the web.

Although much of your editing should be done on your bracelets photos prior to resizing, you can’t really tell how they will appear until you present them in the size that they will be viewed.